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Arthrogryposis and Abby


I am so glad you are here from my guest post at DivineintheDaily.com (Please click the link).

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Please stay and look around! If you would like to see some updates about my daughter or more about Arthrogryposis, then this is the place for you to start. Please go to the sidebar and join my mailing list and you won't miss my rare blog posts ever! (Really, I don't spam.)

First, here is a quick little video that is less than three minutes to explain the Sweetest Gift of Arthrogryposis: Click Here*

SURGERY (Club foot)

There were appointments leading up to the big day, peace in an anxious situation, misunderstandings with the surgeon here and even the night before here, surgery day and 

her hallucinations are hilarious: 

arthrogryposis, AMCSI, AMC, surgery, anesthesia, club foot

 recovering from surgery:

and breaking out of the joint aka hospital

Here is a follow up where her huge medical grade wheelchair was delivered which reminded us President Taft (But, didn't FDR want to keep his wheelchair small and downplay it? Fascinating).
taft, wheelchair, FDR, arthrogryposis

Then, my back started to give out and that crazy "Taft" chair had a bad habit of falling over. Let's just say that providence and service are a beautiful pair.

Then, the day that will go down in infamy here and why we don't speak of Craftsman drills in these parts anymore: Click here. Put it this way, my husband referenced Jesus, crucifixion and Abby!

What is Arthrogryposis? The site is a wealth of support and information!

*The documentary is from this amazing site, www.AMCdocumentary.org

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