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Thursday, May 28, 2015

How Lionel Ritchie Ministered to a Special Needs Mom

I answered a call by Divine in the Daily to write about my perspective as a special mama. I have created a special Page on my blog that says, "Arthrogryposis and Abby" to highlight some special stories. Please click over to find out more.

Most days and years, I don't feel special. 
I am just like you, a normal mom trying to live life and love my family albeit imperfectly. 
Some days, I am a "Becky Home-Ecki' with a meal plan and groceries and invitations sent out to celebrate a child's birthday weeks in advance.  And, on other days, I am scrambling at 4:30 wondering why everyone wants to eat every four hours.
Yet, there are days when I am muddling around asking the Lord to fill me with His love.  
Actually, those are the best moments. 
If special means blessed and stretched, then, yes, I am a special mama.  In this context, I am a mother of an extraordinarily special daughter who happens to have special needs specifically Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (Multiple joint contractures present at birth).

Here is the beginning of my piece at Divine In the Daily:

"Could Every Special Needs Mom Use a Little Lionel Ritchie?"

After twenty four hours of labor, and over six hours of pushing (yes, six!) I finally gave birth to my second child. Whereas our first born remained unnamed for two days in the hospital, this baby girl was named within minutes of birth. My husband proudly announced, “Abigail, which means my father’s joy.” They placed her on my stomach and I noticed the nervous glances of the nurses as they gently touched her outward-turned hands, bent wrists, and ramrod straight fingers. I had whispers of thoughts, but never voiced them: Was something wrong? Before words tumbled out, they whisked her off to the NICU.
Click Here to read more.
Please come back and read my new page, too!

As a special note: Abby read the very early draft of this post and even gave me some hints to improve it, "This is not very good. You are just rambling".  She was right. 
Sometimes, it feels awkward if you know someone's story, but you are not sure how to talk about it or even that they know that you know. Please feel free to email me or post a comment here. If I know you in real life, I give you full permission to broach the topic with me! 

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