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Sunday, June 15, 2014

4 Mini Tributes to our Special Needs Dad on Father's Day

Being a Dad is a fearsome thing, a "shaking in your boots" kind of fearsome: 
Leading a family of little humans, navigating life's storms, weathering weaknesses and failures. 
There are joys, laughter and deep wholehearted goodness to pad the path. 
Kudos to all of the fathers out there (and especially to all of the moms doing it alone) on this Father's Day.

But there is a part of my heart buried deep on the side of Dad to our JADE gang: 
  • A man who climbs the bunk bed ladder every night at his bedtime, reaching over the sleeping nine year old to find a plump, warm finger to prick and squeeze a drop of blood on a strip which will dictate the next few hours of his night-staying up to repeat the climb 20 minutes after rousing a sleepy girl to eat candy or a night off to get some much needed rest.
  • Or to stay up late helping his wheelchair rolling 15 year old daughter transfer from her rolling throne to bed regardless of when her adolescent, circadian rhythm is done with her evening routine. 
  • Or to prepare Bible studies for a bunch of cool teens who congregate three times a month leading them in the study of the Word. Words that are life giving & showing them Jesus. 
  • Or to chicken dance and be goofy, well, just because. 

Many men are fabulous fathers, but those who are present in the lives, albeit imperfectly this side of heaven,  with their special needs families are worthy of all kinds of crazy accolades. 

Thank you for reading mine.

Junior Soiree: The J guys

Special Bonus: Go to our FB page to watch the video of our "Top Ten Reasons Why We Love You" and the Florentine wallet which we picked up on the Grand Tour for him. CLICK HERE. Don't forget to "Like" our page for really intermittent updates.

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