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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Greece and Italy: Here we come!

DAY ONE: Travel Day

Hello! Yiu Su! Ciao! 

You are invited to join J (of JADE) and myself for an once in a lifetime field trip visiting many of the ancient relics, sites, museums of Ancient Greece & Rome as well as the cities that served as bastion of Renaissance art as a culmination of his entire classical education beginning in third grade. 

Rockbridge Academy has been a blessing to my son as he transitioned from classical homeschooling with our challenging tutorial (Yay to Granite Classical) to a full time school in tenth grade. In the classical education model, there are three stages of learning: Grammar, Dialectic & Rhetoric. 

My son, an eleventh grader, is in the thick of the Rhetoric stage where they work on perfecting the skill of public speaking and writing with the emphasis on expressing their thoughts, ideas, and convictions in an informative and persuasive manner. His school takes all of the eleventh graders on a Grand Tour to fill out their classical learning. We will be on this adventure for 18 days! 

Care to join us? Subscribe to my blog for email updates daily (daily is based on my availability to utilize wifi). I am so excited you can be a part!

Some fun pictures:

We left Sunday, May 25th from Dulles and flew through the night to Frankfort, Germany. Lufthansa served a hot meal and the staff were professional and courteous. And the plane? Lovely. 

I can't sleep, and it is 1 am EST.

We arrived around 2:30 am EST. With only one hour to traipse through long corridors, up then down the escalators, caught a train to queue up for passport controls, security screenings, and to catch our flight to Athens.

Here is our luxury jet at the Frankfort airport:
The coolest feature of this Lufthansa aircraft was the live cam footage of us landing. I will update this post with the video when I am able! Stay tuned! 

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