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Monday, January 13, 2014

{FREE PRINTABLE} Baby Shower Game


 At the end of my post is an opportunity to receive a gift that will appeal to anyone, anywhere having to plan a baby shower and are stumped for a game plan like my husband was. 

Yes, my husband. 

Nothing will make him just start laughing harder out of the blue as when he remembers the surreal experience of being tasked to plan a baby shower for a female co-worker. He has been on the receiving end at least 3 times at work for his own children, but to be the guy who had to brainstorm decorations, food (he had a great partner who took care of this), presents and games had him scratching his head. And while leading the mad libs type of game he wrote for the shower, he felt like he was having an out of body experience. I am just glad that it wasn't a bridal shower. That could just be plain awkward in the gift category. 

This weekend I was honored to be asked to come up with a classy baby shower game for the cutest first time Mom to be. I thought about "Design a 3D baby" out of toilet paper and then she could choose the cutest one. I mean, is there no "shower" game that can't use that ubiquitous product?

But I thought for a moment, came to my senses that was just plain creepy and moved on.

Then, bam, my husband's mad lib came to mind, we all giggled again, and then I got crackin' by searching the world wide webs for an easy way to make one. Well, four hours later and many false starts, I gave up and whacked myself in the head, because then I remembered that I always forget when doing anything digital for the first time: 


So, I wrote the classy, baby shower game myself. I am not an expert, but I hope this can save anyone in the same boat as my husband once was. 

As a gift to my subscribers, you can have a free copy of my baby shower mad lib which has been modified to be generic enough to use at your next shower. Free offer ends December 1st, 2014.
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