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Monday, November 18, 2013

Veteran's Day

Photo by MomtoJADE
This is a speech given by J of JADE 
in honor of Veteran's Day 
for his Rhetoric class at school

America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Throughout its history, America has faced countless trials and hardships, whether it was political unrest or war with the enemy. But through all of this, we have pushed on because of our valiant and courageous leaders, both at home and in the battle. Because of our brave and patriotic soldiers, who give their lives to defend this country. Because of today’s servants and tomorrow’s leaders. That is why I am optimistic about our nation’s future.

The view of the harbor where the British ships would have been
bombing the Fort in the War of 1812 &
where Francis Scott Key penned the "Star Spangled Banner"
There are very few things in life that we truly love so much as to die for. Few would give up their comforts to go and fight the battle of freedom. Yet in order for those freedoms to be preserved for future generations, some must take up the call and make personal sacrifices. And that is the incredible thing, that so many, following the calling of their heart and the stirring of their spirit, would go to a foreign land and fight to preserve freedom. That so many fight not only for their personal freedoms, but the freedom of their nation. Freedom from oppression, freedom from tyranny, freedom from a political enslavement to those who would do us harm.

And those that do so, that lay down their life for their country, are to be honored above all citizens. Their honor is like that of the Greek hero Odysseus, who, after fighting the long battle at Troy, drove off those who would do harm to his family, to his country. And so let us honor those who defend our homeland, in any way we can. I know that by saying these words, I am honoring them, and I know that those who gather here gather to honor them, both the living and the fallen.

And yet it does not end with those who fight and serve today. I am optimistic of our future not just because of the valiant acts of service of the past. The Olympic Torch of patriotism is continuously being passed on to the next generations.  They will continue the fight; we will continue the fight, both on the frontlines and in the homeland. Both serving in the military and leading in the political offices. The youth of today will continue in the footsteps of those that have forged the path. We will grow up and become the next politicians, the next soldiers, the next leaders of our country. Many students study for this very purpose. Many hear the call of patriotism ringing through their hearts and answer it. Others want to make a change here at home in the government, and so pursue that desire.
Our next gen: Children at Fort McHenry folding the flag.

In short, America is blessed to have so many of her citizens sacrifice personal comforts and sometimes even their very lives to protect the rights, the freedoms of this and future generations. So many serve on the battlefield today so that those of tomorrow might enjoy their freedom. And those of tomorrow will become the new leaders, picking up the mantle and taking on the challenges that await the next generation. They will continue to protect and serve their country, as did their forefathers. Because of this, because of today’s servants and tomorrow leaders, I am optimistic about America’s future.

This was a speech not a written article; therefore, there are fragments that are appropriate for a verbal presentation. So appreciative of J's school, Rockbridge Academy, that assigned this topic and had a beautiful service to honor the Veterans in the community
Thank you, son for your tribute!


  1. beautifully written -- I can hear the words spoken. Aunt Paula