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Monday, January 21, 2013

MLK Jr. Flashback

My Martin Luther King, Jr. Day post from last year gave you a taste into our day, some resolutions, but mostly for today, I want to share the links with you for the little videos about MLK.
Leave a comment if you knew his name was Michael before my post! (Yup, just click on the highlighted link)

What a difference from last year when we didn't know D would develop Type 1 Diabetes nor J would go to school and stop our homeschooling journey. 

It has been a great year filled with waiting on God, new experiences, 
growing in my marriage to Dad to JADE, humbled by my need to grow in love. 
So humbled and yet it was a blessed year. 
Humbled yet joyful.

Check back in February for my thoughts and meditation on love. In fact, since I publish so infrequently, it may be worth it to subscribe by email to my posts or by a RSS reader (10 points if you leave a comment describing what that is).

Mom to JADE


  1. Nice to see you back to the blog, Lita! Keep writing!

  2. Keep writing, Lita. A blog is like a homework assignment. Hard to get started but feels good to get it done. And you have a great blog!

  3. Thanks, Ladies! What high honor getting recognition from two excellent writers!

  4. Hey, Lita, I found you!! I'll be including your site in our list for the presentation this week!

  5. Awesome, Leslie! Thank you! I am honored.