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Saturday, June 23, 2012

D has Diabetes, Part 1

Wow. Just wow. I can't believe this. I am still in shock. 
Juvenile Diabetes.
Now I knew something was wrong as she was low energy, drinking water round the clock, couldn't run with friends last week while picnicking at the Lincoln Memorial.  
(Wow, was that just last weekend?)

The docs have asked multiple times about the symptoms:
She started slimming down after a stomach virus at the end of January. She stopped eating when she was "content". 
Man, we all should do that, right?

She played Upwards Basketball throughout the winter. She is the third girl from the right with her awesome,  silly team, The Doves!

During the older two's play, I saw her start to demand to eat more regularly.
Then, she started eating more and more but still remained so thin. Actually, now I realize she was not absorbing the glucose her muscles needed. She was starving for nutrients. 

So I asked a friend the first week of June, do you think she is too thin? They replied that they were praying how to bring it up. I asked a couple of more people, but I didn't make the appointment as I was pretty much convinced that she didn't have diabetes. We were running most days to PT/OT/Orthotics appts/new wheelchair appointments/working at gym/shopping for food, you know, the regular stuff.

So I took her to Dr. A as we were leaving in four days for Nana Camp with her little sister.  After we dropped off the little girls, then the two older kids & I would drive up to Indianapolis for the 7th Annual Arthrogryposis Conference on Wednesday!

I took her in so we could get an order for blood work to see if she's anemic before we left town.

Once he saw the results of her urine test and that ketones were being released, he immediately was on the horn calling an endocrinologist he recommends who works out of the local hospital. I happily volunteered to take her to a walk-in clinic for blood work as his office didn't have that capability. ERs are lovely, but we have spent much too much time there for Abby over the years.
He said head over immediately over to the hospital after a very quick detour home to drop off her little sis. 
It was an adventure. Right, girls?

At the Pediatric ER, her finger stick done on arrival was so high that it didn't register on the monitor. 
Oh brother. 
So two IVs, tears and a slew of blood work later, we found her glucose levels were at 700 
(the normal is 100). 
Double Yikes! 
I want to pause and sing her praises, as the nurses and docs were so impressed with her poise, intelligence (She was reading 4th grade books) and how brave she was to not move one inch during the insertion of the IVs. 
Her awesome ER nurse!

The good news: She was not in ketoacidosis. So after 15 minutes of recovering from those IVs, they were slated to come out! This is good news as she didn't need to be in ICU with an insulin drip.  
Now she could be stuck with needles and pricked in her fingers for blood.
Yes, I guess this is the new normal and is good news considering how sick she was.  
How close she was to danger. 
They said in one more week, she could have crashed. God was very, very benevolent in His timing as we were planning to be away next week.

There was a blood test (A1C was 14.8) which gives the average of her blood sugar levels for the last few months. It showed that she has had an average of 400 for her blood glucose levels.
Crazy! 400.

Admission. Reading materials for us. Backpacks full of goodies (More details in another post). Hanging Charts on the wall. Charts to keep track of insulin, charts to keep track of where her last shot was.

All evening long I tried to read past Number 1 below. I just couldn't without choking up. 

So I put it aside and we put on our brave faces and learned how to stick our daughter with needles. It is awful to hurt your kid even for a good cause.

Last night, I was lying on rocks, er, I mean pull out chair, and couldn't sleep from 2 am on. I was finally able to read the advice above from the drug giant, Eli Lilly, that dispensed not only wisdom for hurting parents but also medicine to keep my child safe.
Take a deep breath.
                          And Remember
1. You couldn't have prevented what's happening with your child, so try not to beat yourself up.

2. Although you may feel overwhelmed, other people have done this, and you can too.

3. Your kid can still be a kid. 
    Your family can still be a family.

I read it all the way through and wept.

I had the privilege of seeing Fernando Ortega perform last week and the following song was what I kept singing quietly this early morning.
The following You Tube video made by a cute family at what could be SeaWorld was the only link I could find from my phone that actually had the original music. 

I later showed it to her in the early morning after praying for her.
Enjoy the music and lyrics (and giggle at the video).

Click to play "I will praise Him, still" by Fernando Ortega
Forgot the 2 in 2012

Fernando Ortega
I Will Praise Him Still lyrics

When the morning comes on the farthest hill
I will sing His name, I will praise Him, still.
When dark trials come and my heart is filled
With the weight of doubt, I will praise Him, still.

For the Lord, our God, He is strong to save
From the arms of death, from the deepest grave,
And He gave us life in His perfect will,
And by His good grace, I will praise Him, still.
[ Lyrics from: h

UPDATE (12/20/12):  Here is another link of Ortega's song that I found without the cute Seaworld family in the above link. 

(To be Continued)


  1. Lita, Thanks for posting this update. I can't tell you how many times in the past couple of days someone in our house has asked "I wonder how Delaney is doing?", and more often, how many times that quiet Voice has prompted me to pray for her, you, Justin, and your other children. We will keep praying. You guys keep trusting that he is right there with you, running the show.

  2. Thank you Rich for praying and please convey our love and thanks to your kids! What a week, huh?