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Monday, January 9, 2012

Casts, Pins & Prayer

It had been seven weeks since surgery & we went back to the hospital on December 29th for the casts and the pins they put in place during surgery to be removed.

I apologize for the weak knees that
may have resulted from this image
If you are Facebook friends with my husband or myself you may have seen some declarations like "I never, EVER want to see pins pulled out of my daughter's feet again" or something like that.   As a parent, I was dismayed that there was not pain relief offered, worse, that they intimated that it is not painful procedure.  We did give her some pain meds prior to our appointment.  Pretty sure it didn't work.

Not only were we surprised at how much pain she felt but that a DRILL would be used to pull them out.

A Craftsman drill.

I will spare you the gory details, I will just sum it up as my husband reflected to Abby on our drive home.

You have experienced what most of us haven't: 
A small glimpse at what Jesus felt in his hands and feet.


After the casts were removed, the surgeon said her feet were still swollen so it was decided to put off making a mold of her feet for the
new SMAFO's (super malleor ankle foot orthoses) that she wears
inside of her KAFOs (knee ankle foot orthoses) until January 13th.
They want the most accurate brace made and the extra time will hopefully give more time for the inflammation to recede.

On the 13th,  after the the mold (basically another cast) for the SMAFOs are made, they will recast her again until the orthotist finishes them. The reason she will be in casts until the bracing is completed is so that they can keep her feet in a good position and not undo all of the hard work.  Hopefully, it will be complete in a week or two (or less)!

However, the 13th is the very day she was to have braces applied to her teeth.
Yup, the same day.
Braces on her teeth in the morning and casts taken off twice on her feet in the afternoon.

After a few calls to different peeps along the chain of command, we were able to move it to the 12th.
Thursday the 12th will be the day of the cast and braces.
Friday the 13th will be the day of the mouth and braces.

I would be humbled if you would


that the goals for the surgery will be accomplished so her feet
would be in a nice position to wear her braces for walking,


for muscle strength that was lost 
to be regained quickly (this is a big one), 

that the pesky pain in her ankles 
(site of the osteotomy
while weight bearing 
would not be the start of something new. 
(Trying not to invoke the 
silly Murphy's law 
mumbo jumbo but
 kind of feeling that dread)

Thank you for checking in!

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  1. Hey Lita, thanks for the update...praying for sweet Abby this morning and her braces day #2...hope day #1 went well. Give some hugs to that sweet girl from Amy Bhua! What a trooper. (you guys too...)O