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Monday, December 19, 2011

My baby turned four, aka it's time to get a dog

The sign when a family is done having children and the mama misses having a baby?
They get a puppy.
I am getting mighty close people.
My baby is growing up.

Almost five years ago, my Dad, Justin, myself and the kids sat in their favorite restaurant, Pizza Hut hearing news that blew their mind.  
The older two reeling from having a younger sister whom they adored but their age difference (almost 8 and 6 years older than D) allowed them to realize how much work it was to take care of kids.

"A baby?  Really?"
"Is this a crisis pregnancy?"
Another said,
"Can you change your mind? Is it too late?" 
After explaining that the only way things could change is if the baby died by miscarriage.
Well, no way did they want that! 

Okay, they were excited now!
But Abby, 5 years old, wanted to know how this happened.
We deflected as my Dad was sitting to my right.
But, no she wanted to know right now, 
in an unusually loud voice, 
"Exactly how did this [pregnancy] happen?"
Yup, right there in Pizza Hut.
Oh brother.

Elly's birth story is interesting, but not to bore you, I will get to the chase:
She was healthy and I had no complications.

The nurse said, "Cheese" and turned to my husband's camera right before they cleaned her up.
Actually, I have no idea what she said. Unfortunately, I missed the whole thing.

I didn't see her much as I would like as she was in the NICU for a couple of days, but then she came back to the regular nursery for 20 minutes before a nurse realized she looked jaundiced.  A test proved really high levels so under the bili lights for her.
Loved her shades!
I sang Beach Boys songs to her while I fed her bottles, burped her and cared for her.
The nurse asked if I had other kids because most new moms would not be singing, "Surfin' USA".
Deep down I was scared.

One of the precious times she came to my hospital room.  *Sigh*
See the rectangular  shape under the blanket? It's her portable bili light which came home with us.

Two weeks later, her first Christmas.  Abby opening up E's present while Josh checks it out.  We were all in love.

Then at six months, if you lived within 20 miles of us you saw her 'fro:

Christmas at one year

Here she is at two
Getting suited up for sledding

Unfortunately, I broke our camera by stepping on it and missed a bunch of stuff.....

And now's she's 3!

In a Nana made design
She is a race car driver pedaling 
so fast it scares me and stops on a dime.
Here she's tired and getting a push uphill.

She's fun and loving and really has the heart of each of her siblings.   None of them can stay annoyed at her for long as she is loving and feisty and just plain funny.  Some of the highlights and her favorite things this year are starting preschool, getting Lyme's*, transitioning to a bunk bed from toddler, doing kid exercise videos and singing! She likes needs to cuddle at night and asks me what my number (age) is? Then she likes to use her fingers to count how old she is going to be very soon.

(*Lyme's was caught early)

Okay, here's a recent story:
I was cuddling with her at bedtime.  Looking at my wedding band, she asked if she was going to get married and can she still live with me?  You know the usual stuff three year olds ask at bedtime.
After a pause, she told me plainly,
her husband's name is John and he works at the Ring store.  
I think I need to bring our handheld video camera to bedtime.

A week or two later, while watching some television programming geared for preschoolers, there was a random toy commercial and she pointed at the screen and said, "There he is! There's John!"

Oh my word.

Happy 4th Birthday, Sweetie pie!


  1. Awww...love this! Happy 4th b-day E! Can I come puppy shopping with you?

  2. Anytime! How about next year sometime? hehe