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Monday, December 5, 2011

Black Friday

Well, let's sum up the last week or three, shall we?
  • A wonderful Thanksgiving with Justin's family at our home with Justin's sister, Amy and brother-in-law, Tom and their brood, Uncle Duck (Doug) and Nana & PapPap rounding out the mix (We missed Doug's wife, Ollie who was working).  You may have seen our cutie pie turkey video or maybe this picture by Doug Parke (with my photo doctoring) on facebook:
It was Some Turkey to bid homage to "Charlotte's Web"

On Black Friday, we went to Mount Vernon.

Photo by Doug Parke

Parke Clan

Yup we brought the Taft wheelchair so Abby could elevate her legs.  There is a pin that sticks out the back of her heel and we try and keep that cushy and light so it minimizes the pressure on her heels.

Washington enjoyed seeing exotic animals & apparently so did his contemporaries.

"HI ALADDIN"  (background noise from all of the kids)

Here we are minding our own business
enjoying Aladdin and my father-in-law, niece & Abby are
chatting about the camel.

Then, without warning,
that camel turned from his food &
walked directly and with purpose
(aka "Charged")
taking all of us by surprise.
Photo by Doug Parke

Hey Cutie Patootie!

And, then just as suddenly, Aladdin walked quickly away to the chagrin of all children present
(well, except Abby, of course)

What a treat for us to learn about our first president together. We knew about George Washington from what we know of our school days and from our homeschool studies as Joshua once chose him for his bookclub topic for a biography.

I still can't believe I made that coat!
Hmm...I don't think I have touched a needle and thread since then!

George Washington was a man of courage, principle, wisdom as well as shrewd in battle.
I highly recommend venturing out there sometime. Don't miss the 4D movie experience which was fantastic!

Photo by  Doug Parke

I will leave you with a beautiful sunset on the way home that evening.

All photos by Mom to Jade except where noted


  1. Very interesting - I didn't know Washington had an interest in exotic animals. I agree that the Park Service has done a wonderful job keeping Mount Vernon up and accessible to the public. Looks like a fun day for all!

  2. How fun! We haven't done Mt. Vernon yet :)

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  4. I was very impressed. When I was there as a child and it was just the tour of the house, grounds and a small unremarkable museum and neat but not impressive. We did about 65% and would love to go back too.

    Also, at Christmas they decorate the main museum, house and grounds and open the 2nd floor (It added a bit of interest but no so much)only at this time.

    Let me know if you go!
    ps-I love how I deleted the post because of a grammatical error, but "removed by the author" sounds more ominous.