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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Today it became more real to Abby that surgery is happening as we did the mundane waiting game at the hospital to meet with Anesthesia.  Abby & Delaney were very patient as we spent 5 hours waiting, talking,  enduring exams, paperwork, moving around to three different places & getting veins poked!  Joshua was at home finishing schoolwork and sending Eliana off to preschool for picture day with a Dad of a fellow preschooler and received her when she was brought home by a friend.  

Every time I talk with anyone related to the surgeon I find out something new that may not have been explained to us before. For instance, I asked the PA in Anesthesia to receive Abby's last doctor's note to review it with her.  One sentence jumped out to me,

"Uncommon surgery for an uncommon problem...desired outcome can not be guaranteed...parents understand this but want to proceed..."


What? Did I read that right?  We want to proceed?  I remember a brief mention along those lines at our appointment in early June which was the last time we saw the surgeon but my husband has no recollection (He is the first to admit that remembering conversations from six months ago is not his strong suit).  Is this enough for us to derail the surgery? No, I think not but it does give pause to evaluate, pray, think, discuss.  

We will keep you updated, friends. Tomorrow is her last day at GCT for a few weeks and Pioneer Girls. Fun!


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Nice work, nice layout, nice writing, Lita! Looking forward to reading more of your musings and getting a more detailed glimpse into your family's upcoming adventures!

  2. Thanks Amy! You're my first comment too! I appreciate your feedback as you are the master blogger!

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  4. It's soooo hard to remember everything doctors tell you. Especially when you're inundated with gobs of medicaleeze (I know it's not a word) that no one can understand. I'll be praying for that precious young lady.

  5. Hi Lita, Please know that Abby, you and your family are in our thoughts and we wish for the very best outcome for all. Aunt Paula
    PS I too have jumped into the blogosphere but it's pretty intiminidating because this family has set the bar very high.

  6. I appreciate your kind words ladies!