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Friday, November 11, 2011

Resting comfortably-REVISED

What a wonderful day to see God's loving hand protecting Abby and our family. I have been writing a list when I have had a few moments to give you a re-cap. You may have seen facebook updates but I will fill in the blanks
  •  First of all, thank you for responding as God leads you to pray for Abby.  We are humbled by your love and care. Truly.
Abby 11/11 Pre-Surgery

  •       Yesterday evening I had a chance to speak by phone to the surgeon who clarified the clinic notes from the blog post “Uncommon”.  Also, I was able to ask him what he thought our expectations were (again “Uncommon” blog entry) and how he thought we might be disappointed with the outcome.

It was clarified in a big A-ha moment:  

The resident who dictated the notes back in June never turned them in to him for approval and an electronic signature.  The resident's wording was awkward and if the surgeon had seen it, he would've rewritten it to be clear and not alarmist in tone.  This also explains why I never had those notes in my files as they were never approved and mailed
  • Met with the Anesthesiologist who asked us detailed questions of her surgery as a toddler.  Due to that experience and a few other things,  the risks of the procedure would be very steep indeed if her airway collapsed during the intubation process before surgery.  Her greatest risk would be before the procedure on her feet would even begin and she was warning us that this is serious. Yikes!
  •  The surgeon met with us and explained exactly what he’ll be doing to straighten her feet and confirming he wanted to preserve as much flexibility in her feet! (Can I hear a "Amen" for good communication?)   And the biggest surprise is that she will not be in long leg casts but only short casts on her feet up to her knees! 
  • Anesthesia came back and said she decided to forego the breathing tube and just use a spinal/epidural block which means she could avoid intubation. She still had the yucky fun juice to take the edge off, then the laughing gas which made her hilarious.  

Here is a sample of today:  
Abby: (To the doctor)  Will I be able to play the violin after surgery?
Doc: Yeah, sure!
Abby:  Great! Because I never played before.  

  • After the surgery was over, Dr. S came out in what can best be described as a meat butcher’s uniform. I took a double take as he walked toward us in the waiting room dressed in a shower cap that was attached to a shirt tucked inside a dark blue apron with crisscross straps that looked like it has seen  better days
  • .  plus a bit of this  with a splash of this
Maybe more like a Knight in training with blue chain mail and armor?  Well, anyhoo he said she did great and will be out in a few.
  • We went to the Pediatric Recovery room and saw Abby talking with us animatedly about her experiences before and after surgery. 
  • Her nurse didn't want to start the IV drip so there was some discussion, calls put into the Pain Management doctor, more huddled discussion.  Her nurse was saying she's not in pain so I don't want to start the pump.  The second nurse was going the route to let her start the pump to help bridge the gap when the epidural wears off.  Well, the second nurse in a surprise move took over Abby's care and started the pump but very conservatively while waiting for the Pain Mgmt. doc to respond again to the page.  It was hard to see her so ebullient and then writhing in pain. Her Anesthesiologist was consulted finally and was NOT happy that this happened to Abby and that her orders weren't followed.  It sounds like they have an in-house reporting and that was done by the staff so this can be a learning process for them. It also turns out that the Pain Mgmt Doc had switched with another physician but no one there knew.
  • Here are some of the precious images and phrases Abby uttered while under the influence:


  1. Oh, my goodness! What interesting things she saw in her pain! Poor thing. I am so sorry she had to endure that awful pain. Hoepfully communication within her team will improve!

  2. Jordan and I laughed hysterically at the violin comment. That was awesome. God bless her! We'll continue praying about the recovery process. Thanks for keeping us up to date!!!