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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Okey doke, back on the wagon again!

Wow what a turn around! Thanks for praying for our little girl!
(Full disclosure she has 1.9 inches to go reach the height of her Mom.   But, I am still going to call her my little girl? Even when she can look down at my gray roots. But I digress).  

Where was I?

Oh yes, my little, big girl is on the mend, good people!

Let's do the math:

(Anti-nausea meds + prayer + love + visitors + yummy food) x God's Loving Protection=A happier Abby

My heart is filled with joy as I see her fun personality come back and her faith increase in Her loving Father as she sees answers to prayers.

In fact, yesterday and today she's been encouraged by Julia, Inga & Lyd, Mr. Rick & Emi sitting and visiting with her. As well as using Facetime to chat with Emily & her Pioneer Girl group (So cool!!). Visitors are really lifting her spirits!  Letters and cards are more than welcome if you feel led.  She is able to get around in her new loaner wheelchair that was delivered Monday.

(On Sunday, a typical wheelchair with elevating leg lifts was delivered; however, it didn't have a seatbelt or recline which was important to get her legs at heart level. When one has little ones around, a seat belt is invaluable to her safety.  It was exchanged for the one below.)

Here is what was delivered

Okay, it's huge!  It almost looks like a blast from the past such as a wheelchair FDR may have used
or how about Taft?


See the blue arrow at the chest of the man behind President Taft?

Check this out!  The height is right about the same.

Although shockingly big, it does have a seatbelt, lifts her legs up and can recline. So all kidding aside, it is another blessing, albeit gargantuan (Um...did I mention it was massive?)

We are thankful that we have a way to get her out of her bed, to the dinner table (for the first time tonight) and tomorrow we are going to attempt our first outing.  It will be a doozy! Check back tomorrow night!

I will leave you with a picture of sweetness. Ready?

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  1. Oh, I was hoping the picture of sweetness was going to be Abby! Oh, well. Justin is pretty cute, too. So glad to hear she has rounded a corner. I am so disappointed we have yet to get up to see her. Please tell Abby we are thinking about and praying for her. I have get well cards to get into the mail for her...maybe I'll get them into the mailbox today. You go, Abby! Praising God for his healing work and for using the body of Christ to encourage Abby.