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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

mute mondays or not

If you read blogs in general you know there are weekly themes that certain blogs employ that don't usually involve writing but still allow information and connection to be achieved.
Here are some:
    So without further ado:
    Welcome to Mute Mondays or Not
    (Or Tuesdays). 
    I have to have a disclaimer. I worked on this blog post for days or actually nights as I would settle on the sofa outside of Abby's first floor bedroom to sleep.  I worked for 20 minutes until I passed out on my laptop. How's that for an excuse!

      Last goodbye for a few weeks to Bugsy (she retaliated by  digging her sharp nails into Abby)
      Justin & the kids enjoyed Mr. Boa. Notice who I left out?

      First Walk

      E and A (from CPC) hammed it up on the old favorite, "Gray Squirrel, swish your bushy tail".  Check out their noses as they sing a line from the song, "Crinkle up your little nose"
      "And now they're working for me"

      The End.
       Forget this no talking business!
      It was a nice try.

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