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Friday, November 11, 2011

"M'am, we don't break bones, we cut them"

Well, isn't that a fine little title to grab your attention?  This was said by an orthopedic surgeon who gave us a second opinion this summer about fixing Abby's feet.  Here's what I said first, "So you're going to break the bones in her forefoot and then reset it with pins."  We still giggle remembering the Southern drawl of that short, elderly doctor with a gorgeous tuft of platinum hair in a light gray seersucker suit right out of a John Grisham novel.

So what is supposed to take place this morning?  Abby will be having a anterior tibialis tendon transfer to help keep her foot in a stable position, then the cutting mentioned earlier with pins to hold the foot, osteotomy of the outside ankles and bunion removals where needed.  It's the cutting of bones that is new to us.  The only thing she had done was a soft tissue tendon release prior was at 18 months at A.I.Dupont Children's hospital in Delaware. Yikes, she was in pain for 3 weeks.  If you heard me speak of the surgery, you know I reference this a lot, "When you cut into bone, it is a much more painful recovery than soft tissue surgery."

She will be put into long leg casts that come all the way up the thigh to immobilize her knees.  She will spend 1-2 nights and will be sent home.

We will be up by 4:30ish and need to be at the hospital by 5:30-6am.  Whew.  Surgery at 7 am and should last about three hours.

On a bright note, Abby received an Ipod Touch today as her early Christmas present from us.  Our pastor Tim Flora came by and shared a word aptly spoken and prayed, I spoke with the doctor about the "Uncommon" note, Elders Rick and Pete came by for prayer and a quick bite of chinese (yum!), Vicki breezed through and took our girls for two nights and Josh had a great time at Rev tonight.


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