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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Abby toppled over in her wheelchair

No funny headline here. Just the facts, m'am.  The kids had a great morning visiting with Emma & Anna F. and with Nana before she went back to Pittsburgh early this afternoon.  The little girls went to play at a neighbor's house and Abby was near me in her massive wheelchair as she was playing her her Ipod Touch.  She was tired and feeling a bit blah and leaned forward a bit.

All of a sudden I hear a scream and look over to see the wheelchair tumbled over on top of her! She landed HARD on her heels (where there are pins sticking out) with this "Torture chair" or TC on top of her. I like her name for it. With Josh stabilizing her chair, I unbuckled and slid Abby out. Needless to say, it wasn't pretty. Nope.  She just begged me to leave her on the floor and put blankets on her and leave her alone. It was too painful to move.  As she rested, I realized that the only thing that hurt was her head and heels.  I am so glad it wasn't worse.  Josh sat in her chair trying to tip it over so we can see if there was something wrong with the design of the chair or was it a fluke as we don't want that to happen again.

Five minutes later, Sheila N. dropped by with a beautiful gift basket she put together for Abby full of snacks, potions, art supplies, etc.

Although the drop-off was preplanned, the timing of it was all God.  Whenever, we feel low or even when we are low (like Abby still lying on the floor), He will lift us up.  With Sheila, Josh and myself lifting Abby she was settled on a chair, not THE chair. Abby then opened up the basket and her eyes lit up as I was getting a Tylenol for her aching heels.  By the time I arrived back (in 12 seconds), she said she didn't need the pain pills and was basking in the glow of the goodies.

Providence and Service. A beautiful pair.

Riding on the back of this update, let's talk about my back.  It's going down hill.  My mother in law, Harriet came down Sunday and has been an Angel of Mercy (and of dishes and laundry).  She kept the kids minding their Mom in that fun way that Grandmas can.  A Nana who is a writer to boot & has a blog-check her out!  Anyhow, Nana has been helping us to transfer Abby along with her strong big brother as well as spotting us.  Abby, Nana and I are trying to brainstorm ways to do this without hurting Abby or myself.  We are almost there, but I feel my back is on the edge.  If you feel led to pray for my back (Boy that sounds silly), I would appreciate it.  I need it until December 29th.

We will leave you with a picture taken by Abby herself

The End.

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  1. So glad she is ok. I can't believe I called within minutes of this happening. She is a trooper. And I'm glad the care package delivery soothed the pain! Can[t wait to see you all tomorrow.